4 Advantages of GPU Cloud Server

    Posted in Windows Servers on May 20, 2021

    4 Advantages of GPU Cloud Server in India you might now know

    There’s no doubt if we say there are many advantages of cloud computing for organizations instead of managing on premise computation. Many companies do a lot of heavy computing, machine learning, and 3D visualizations, the process companies use and the way they compute Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) cloud server matters a lot.

    GPU Cloud Server is recommended for most deep learning and machine learning processes. GPU nodes are capable to manage heavy workloads and make the AI, ML-related work progress faster and flexible.

    CloudTechtiq offers the fastest Nvidia GPU Cloud Server in India with wide ranges of GPUs to enhance performances at affordable prices.

    Let us look at the benefits of GPU Cloud Server in India:

    Affordable GPU Cloud Dedicated Servers: The GPUs provided by Cloudtechtiq not only, perform fastest and well in terms of graphics-intensive processing power and resources. We serve the best and affordable prices for the GPU cloud server to run the high-end infrastructure at the same time for our clients.

    For deep learning systems and deploy machine learning, we make our Graphics Processing Unit more reliable, flexible, and smooth for our end-user customers. Our dedicated server performance is bare metal so that our clients can enjoy the advantages of cloud solutions which is technology-filled. Organizations can accelerate their data science, graphics, and high-performance computing processes without facing any issues.

    Customizable / Private Cloud of GPUs: We provide the customization options to our clients so that they can choose as per their needs of businesses. The customization configuration of GPU dedicated servers makes the performance of customer’s tasks smoother and they can choose the configuration as per their current running scenario of business and can upgrade the plans later on. The cloud servers which we serve to our customers are private and secured from any other neighbor servers, that’s the reason the end-users can access their admin panel and configure without any issue.

    Also, we have some amazing pre-designed GPU Cloud Server in India with is available on our site and you can choose it for your organization with only a few clicks.

    Next-Generation Nvlink: The blend of Nvlink and NvSwitch enables the multi GPU system configurations to make it a scalable and efficient AI Solution. NVIDIA NVLink technology superscribes the interconnect issues by providing higher bandwidth, improved scalability, and more links. NvSwitch is known as the first on-node switch architecture to support 8 to 16 fully-connected GPUs in a single server node.

    We can call it the next-generation technology the most powerful end-to-end AI and HPC data center platform.

    Big Data Thrives in Parallel environment: The big organization performs the tasks with their big database and many time they have to run the big data tasks operations repetitively. The solution is available in a GPU cloud server, you can split the data rates and can execute the operations faster without any lack of speed.

    Also, it has the benefit of power consumption, because GPU-equipped systems use less energy to accomplish the same tasks repetitively which demands lower power supplies. If we talk about the Graphics Processing Unit use cases then A GPU can serve the same data processing ability of 400 servers with GPU only.

    The Cloudtechtiq here to serve you the fastest GPU on Cloud in India with the features are:

    ● Nvidia Ampere Architecture

    ● Hbm2

    ● Third-Generation Tensor Cores

    ● Multi-Instance Gpu (Mig)

    ● Structural Sparsity

    ● High Memory Series


    We designed the NVIDIA A100 to face the world’s toughest computing challenges and now we are leading with the best GPU Cloud Server in India provides a list and also improvising our technologies so that the GPU users never lag behind the cloud computing technology.

    So, The advantage we have mentioned above ensures cloud GPUs is the future of companies who are working on heavy loads and need the smooth functioning of their processes without any trouble. NVIDIA Technology designed to shift the on-premises space needed if someone wants to establish a setup to use the GPUs and make it an easy game for everyone. Let us become a part of these upgraded technology events and accept the cloud computing technology because sooner or later we have to shift on it as we can see the consistent growth in the demands.

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