How to export import a MySQL database via SSH

    Posted in Linux Servers on Nov 16, 2018


    In this article, we will cover exporting and importing a database via SSH. Make sure that you replace the following variables in the commands below:

    USERNAME - the MySQL user assigned to your database.

    DATABASE - the name of your MySQL database.

    Exporting a MySQL database

    To export a MySQL database, you need to use the mysqldump command. Here is the full command for exporting your database:

    mysqldump -uUSERNAME -p DATABASE > backup.sql

    You will be prompted for a password - this is your MySQL user's password.

    The MySQL database will be exported to a file named "backup.sql" in your current directory.

    Importing a MySQL database

    To import a MySQL database, you need to use the mysql command. Here is the full command:

    mysql -uUSERNAME -p DATABASE < backup.sql

    Again, you will be prompted for the password of your MySQL user.

    The backup.sql is the name of the file that you are importing to your database. It must be in your current working directory.