How To Reset The Windows Server Administrator Password Using The Command Prompt

    Posted in Windows Servers on Jul 13, 2019

    I have one Windows server 2012 R2 and have set a password for the local administrator Because I forget the administrator password so I am not able to login on server now.

    I will let you know how to reset the windows cloud server password without reformat the server. For process further we just require the .iso of windows server 2012 r2. Now you have to mapped your server with iso and boot the server with windows server 2012 r2 iso. Now I am just booting my machine and installing the new Operating system

    Just click the next button on the OS installer

    Below you can see the option to Repair your computer, just click it and it will take you to the new window called options

    In this just click the Troubleshoot option to see the Advanced option and click the command prompt option which is highlighted below

    After that we have to execute the following steps on the Command prompt, here we are just locating the Utilman.exe file from the system32 folder • Rename the Utilman.exe to Utilman.exe.old by using the “ren” command. Ren is nothing but rename • Then copy the Utilman.exe to the command prompt to execute the password reset command

    Then close the command prompt and click continue option to reboot the machine

    After that machine has successfully rebooted it will take you to the authentication windows, here just click Window + U to open the command prompt and Just type net user, this command will help you to identify who are all having the profile on this system

    On below you can see, I have multiple profiles we need to choose the user name Administrator And type net user Administrator ( here Welcome@123 is my new password)

    Then you will receive a message “The command has completed successfully”. Then close the command prompt and type the new password to the administrator login. Now it will allow you to login to the system


    We just enabled the command prompt at the login window to reset the administrator password, you can do the same in the user's desktop by opening cmd prompt.

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