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About Cloudtechtiq

CloudTechtiq is a house of intuitive thinkers and solution creators. With the best of our experience, we create the best for our clients.

Founded in 2017, Cloudtechtiq set up footprints by offering the advanced technology-filled infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions for enterprises, medium and small-sized organizations. The solutions add value to the company are cloud & dedicated servers, Managed Microsoft Azure Cloud, AWS Cloud and backup & security solutions with tailored options to ensure that businesses get exactly what they want.

We Product Quality with 100% Dedicated Cloud Technology Experts

We always believe that “Customer Satisfaction was, is and always will be the driving force to get what you want to achieve. We are a team of dedicated, creative and explorers who produce quality by their efforts to provide a good experience to businesses just like you.


We are using world class cloud technology to ensure best quality.


Our dedicatedly designed cloud server panels are easy to understand and manage.


Our 24/7 Customer support works as a trust factor for us.

Office Infrastructure and working culture

CloudTechtiq is known for creating a working culture for people who are passionate about nonprofits. Which brings the team together working for the same goal

Though during this time we move at a fast pace to achieve goals, and it might seem that we don’t have time to sit and to understand each other to know new things, We at Coudtechtiq love to share things with each other and to support each other. Our Team supports each other in all aspects, we go beyond our workspace, to make our employees a better human. This helping mentality is transformed throughout the company from colleagues to customers and makes our base strong.

Agon Agon

Minds Behind Cloudtechtiq

When CloudTechtiq founded in 2017, we had taken the small steps to grow and then build a base team of creative thinkers and innovative minds, who are delivering their 100%. We started with a thought “We work to serve the best solutions and make sure we can add the quality in our company services. Our focus is always on encouraging and combining a group of people and newbies to follow their passion and to make a difference in the world.”

Let us introduce you to the amazing minds behind cloudTechtiq

Managing Director

Rajesh Mehla


Aakanksha Arora

Process Manager

Abhishek Nandan

Human Resources

Komal Yadav

IT Manager

Gaurav Sharma

IT Manager

Akshay Jain

DevOps Engineer

Neha Rai

Cloud Solution Architect

Anup Nehra

Product/Vendor Manager

Kuldeep kadyan

Amit Mundra

Business Development Manager