Find Out What Dedicated Servers Can Do

    Posted in Linux Servers, Windows Servers on Jan 03, 2023

    Dedicated Server

    The need of having websites potential has been expanding at a quick speed. Each business these days is endeavoring to leave a decent imprint with their website. Here is where dedicated servers come as a help with giving the staggering web hosting highlights dealing with your website's top of the line deals with most extreme transmission capacity. Numerous associations going advanced have estimated Cheap dedicated servers in India yet with powerful elements to be the best answer for oversee and keep up with their websites. Cheap Dedicated server in India makes it more effective by cost measures...

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    How to choose a web hosting provider for your business

    Posted in Linux Servers, Windows Servers on Oct 12, 2022

    Looking for Manage Cloud hosting specialist organization, yet befuddled about how to choose one according to your needs. Also, which hosting administration to choose from twelve of contests. Do whatever it takes not to stretch in this article I will clear up for you comprehensively about Web hosting, transmission capacity, execution. And afterward at last which one to buy as indicated by your requirements. I have not examined AWS, I will make a different article on that, as AWS needs a specific article.

    What is Web Hosting

    The first thing we need to understand is what Web Hosting is. It is ext...

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    Comparison of The Best Web Hosting Companies

    Posted in Linux Servers, Windows Servers on Aug 18, 2022

    The hosting provider you pick is essential to the progress of your site. A trustworthy web hosting company keeps your website online and assists you with keeping away from pointless downtime.

    This guide makes sense of the best kinds of web hosting companies facilitating for various circumstances. Utilize these comparisons to find the best web hosting without spending too much money.

    What are Web Hosting Services and which one is appropriate for You?

    Hosting services for websites are the web space where your storefront is found. To set up online, hosting services are the property managers who s...

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    Install and Configure Mean Stack on Ubuntu 20.04

    Posted in Linux Servers on May 30, 2022

    What is Mean Stack: It is a free, Open-source, popular Javascript software stack used for developing dynamic websites and web applications.

    A Mean stack is based on Javascript language so it can handle all aspects of an application.

    Step 1: First of all update the base system with the latest available packages.

    • • Command: apt-get update -y

    Step 2: Install MongoDB

    • • Command: apt-get install mongodb -y
    • • Command: systemctl start mongodb
    • • Command: systemctl enable mongodb

    Step 3: Install Node.js

    Install all required dependencies with this command:

    • • Command: Apt-get install curl gnupg2 unzi...
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    How Managed Services can Boost your Business in 2022?

    Posted in Amazon Cloud Services, Linux Servers, Microsoft Azure Cloud on Jan 05, 2022

    Finally, new year is here.

    The year 2021 presented many challenges and new opportunities for companies around the globe and we're hopeful that 2022 is the year to grow your team and bring your company to the next step.

    In retrospect, one aspect that increased quickly during the year 2021 was the demand for IT specialists. Indeed, thanks to working remotely, the requirement for IT professionals is now more essential than ever before, and more complicated.

    Based on the current circumstances given the current situation, it's not right to assume that the demand for IT experts will be active throu...

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    Benefits of Tally on Cloud

    Posted in Linux Servers on May 05, 2021

    Benefits of Tally on Cloud

    Tally On Cloud- When anyone uses Tally ERP 9 on third-party cloud servers, this type of usage is called tally on cloud.

    Today there is an increase in the demand for Tally on Cloud in India. We must say tally on cloud in India changes the whole working environment in businesses. When we check out the list of tally line products it is the most used and trending product. Maybe we can say this is because of the pandemic scenario in which most businesses choose to Work From Home. The Work From Home culture and the benefits of tally on cloud both make it the best choice ...

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    How to configure Nginx

    Posted in Linux Servers on Nov 02, 2020

    How to configure Nginx as a reverse proxy for Apache on CentOS

    Nginx and Apache are powerful web servers. Apache’s power and Nginx’s speed are well known, However, both of them do have drawbacks. Apache is hard on server’s memory while Nginx can’t process PHP on its own and needs the help of the PHP-FPM or similar modules for dynamic content. In this tutorial, we are going to combine the two web servers to get the best result of each other, We are going to set Nginx as our static content processor and Apache to processing the back end and dynamic content.

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    How to Install MariaDB 10.5 on CentOS 8

    Posted in Linux Servers on Oct 13, 2020

    How to Install MariaDB 10.5 on CentOS 8 | CentOS 7

    The stable version of MariaDB 10.5 was released on June 2020 and it will be supported until June 2025. You can see all the new features in MariaDB 10.5 from the changes page. The software can be used free of charge under the conditions of the GNU General Public License Version 2.

    There are multiple steps to install MariaDB 10.5 and these are steps:

    Step 1. Add MariaDB YUM repository

    In Linux whenever you want to install any type of packages you need to install it’s yum repositories. So Run the following commands to add the repository provided ...

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    Installing and Configuring Pure-FTPD on RHEL / CentOS 7

    Posted in Linux Servers on Apr 08, 2020


    Step 1: When you are ready to begin, go ahead and install Pure-FTPD using yum on server.

    yum install pure-ftpd

    Step 2: after installation Edit the default configuration (/etc/pure-ftpd/pure-ftpd.conf) and uncommnet the following lines.

    PAMAuthentication yes
    PureDB /etc/pure-ftpd/pureftpd.pdb

    Save and close the file.

    Step 3: Configure Service pure-ftp service

    systemctl enable pure-ftpd
    systemctl start pure-ftpd

    Step 4: Create a new ftp user account for website account using pure-pw.

    pure-pw useradd $USERNAME -u $USER -g $GROUP -d /path/to/ftp/directory
    For Exmaple :  pure-pw useradd rajesh...
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    Restoring deleted 'root' user and password for MySQL

    Posted in Linux Servers on Nov 08, 2019


    If you accidentally deleted the root user on my local setup MySQL running on OS linux. There are no other users created to get back into MySQL. I am sharing solution for the recover the root user. Get someone with SysAdmin rights and do the following:

    1. Add 'skip-grant-tables' to my.cnf under the [mysqld] section
    2. restart mysql
    3. type mysql with no password and hit enter
    4. Run This:
    DELETE FROM mysql.user 
    WHERE  user = 'root' 
          AND host = 'localhost'; 
    INSERT INTO mysql.user 
    SET user = 'root', 
        host = 'localhost', 
        password = Password('whatevernewpassword'), 
        Select_priv = 'y',...
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