Why Should SMBs Choose Managed Cloud Servers?

    Posted in Magento Hosting on Oct 20, 2021

    SMBs should invest their time to create appealing business strategies, service & product quality, and organization structure. And between all these tasks & activities it's quite difficult to spend their time & efforts on server management. The best solution to keep the business website up-to-date in terms of loading time, easy accessibility online and hassle-free is managed cloud server either it’s Linux cloud server or windows cloud server.

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    How Fully Managed Cloud Servers Solution Providers Work?

    When you go with Windows or Linux managed cloud servers then the providers take off your websit...

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    How To Setup LiteMage Cache

    Posted in Magento Hosting on Nov 04, 2018


    LiteMage Cache is the world's fastest Magento Full Page Cache.

    LiteMage Cache uses the LiteMage Magento Extension and an improved version of LiteSpeed Cache to deliver superior caching with ESI implementation geared specifically for Magento.

    This article will guide you through the all steps needed set up LiteMage Cache in our Web Hosting or Managed Cloud Server*.

    • To enable LiteMage Cache if you are on our Managed/Dedicated Cloud Server, please contact our Billing Department (it's Free).


    • The steps below are applicable for Magento 1.x. Please use this guide instead if you...

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    How to Install Magento 2 in cPanel

    Posted in Magento Hosting, Whm/Cpanel on Jul 23, 2018


    To easily install Magento 2, you can use the Softaculous auto-installer available from your cPanel. It will automate the steps needed for the installation into one configuration page and 30 seconds of waiting for the install.

    STEP 1 Locate Softaculous in cPanel

    To access your Softaculous auto-installer simply login in your cPanel navigate to the Software/Services section and click on the Softaculous Apps Installer icon.


    Now you will need to use the Search bar to look for Magento and click on it.


    STEP 2 Configure the Installation

    Here you will see different tabs containing overview of the fe...

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