Why Should SMBs Choose Managed Cloud Servers?

    Posted in Magento Hosting on Oct 20, 2021

    SMBs should invest their time to create appealing business strategies, service & product quality, and organization structure. And between all these tasks & activities it's quite difficult to spend their time & efforts on server management. The best solution to keep the business website up-to-date in terms of loading time, easy accessibility online and hassle-free is managed cloud server either it’s Linux cloud server or windows cloud server.

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    How Fully Managed Cloud Servers Solution Providers Work?

    When you go with Windows or Linux managed cloud servers then the providers take off your website and make sure that your business website works on the web without any hassle. They take care of your website’s run time and also work on all technical aspects according to your requirements including security, data backup, data storage, and configuration of your cloud hosting server.

    When you choose fully managed aws cloud hosting servers then the providers provide the addons such as constantly monitoring, daily updates, software/application installation timely & more. Also, the cloud hosting solution providers serve that customized option for their customers so that you can choose as per your business requirements and can scale the server as per your business growth, also you will get professional technical support 24x7. This means you can fully be focused on your business goals without worrying about online presence and spend more productive time.

    Things you can consider while choosing the best Windows or Linus cloud server provider for your business:

    Before choosing the right organization for your small, medium, or enterprise business, you need to understand your needs and specific hosting requirement according to your business. Additionally, you also have to decide on a suitable budget for your business hosting plan. The more things you have to keep in your mind while choosing are:

    ● Security Aspects: The most important factor of a cloud server is, it is secure and will keep your business data away from hackers. And for this, it is necessary to check security updates daily, run security patch installation daily, and ensure that they are maintaining the entire website security. So when you look for a fully managed cloud server provider check what security aspects they are offering for your business.

    ● Data Backup Operations: Your business data is all about what you have and you have to make sure that your business data remains handy for some accidental crash or technical glitches. So before you decide on your hosting provider check want backup operations they perform and how frequent their backup intervals are running. Check out the technology they are using to take backups and also their failure in data recovery to ensure you are giving your business in safe hands.

    ● Technical Support: Businesses are choosing a fully managed cloud server service provider because they want to invest their entire time to promote their business and to server the best customer support. So make sure the company you are choosing provides their tech support timely.

    Benefits of Choosing Managed Cloud Servers:

    There are a number of benefits for small to medium businesses when they go with managed cloud hosting plans. Let's take a glance to understand why businesses go with Linux or Windows cloud servers when they are launching online.

    Advanced Caching: Managed cloud Linux or Windows cloud server have the advanced cache feature so you don’t need to manage cache manually. Managed cloud hosting streamlined the entire process of caching and saved the lots of time of yours.

    Automated Backup & Disaster Recovery: You will get the regular backup of your business data and can keep it on the cloud safe to recover it anytime. The managed cloud hosting providers manage all the things and keep the data safe & backup up-to-date.

    Scalability: Scalable feature of cloud hosting is a major advantage of using it for startups and SMBs for future aspects.

    The more benefits of using managed Windows or Linux Cloud Server are cost-effective solutions, secure, advanced dashboard with complete monitoring, and more.

    Choose the Managed cloud server plans now and be more productive in your business.

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