Build Your Great Idea on CloudTechtiq Microsoft Azure Cloud Management

Cloudtechtiq serves the cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure Cloud to ensure that you can build your great ideas on amazing platforms. Our solutions include analytics, compute, networking, and storage which means all-in-one pack to grow securely and faster. Our clients can choose the cloud services to develop & scale new applications or can run their existing applications in our Microsoft Azure cloud solution in India. Also, the cloud management options in the panel make your implementation easier and more intersecting.


Cloudtechtiq Serve the Opportunity so Anyone Can Create Future-Ready Solutions

We are creating the future and helping people to implement their great ideas using on-premises, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud solutions. The solutions are invented with the purpose to create an environment of implementation and keeping the future bright with IoT & cloud technologies. With Cloudtechtiq connect, learn and implement to deploy the Cloud solutions with expert’s support.

Work virtually anywhere

Deploy and scale Windows Virtual Desktop and apps in minutes to enable secure, remote work.


Code from anywhere

Get up and running on any project in minutes with fully configured, cloud-hosted development environments with Visual Studio Online.

Build and deliver with GitHub

Use your GitHub account to sign up for Azure and deliver apps on any platform with workflow tools and code repositories.

Explore Microsoft Azure Cloud in India with Us

Let’s explore Microsoft Azure together to know the importance and the industries which are using the solutions to make the workflow easy and innovative. The solution Solidificated their roots in many industries and successfully keeping things under control. The industries are comfortable securing their data on the cloud and building a new digital world that is 100% safe.



See how the CDC and frontline responders are using AI to provide critical care to those who need it.



Empower developer velocity with the most complete toolchain.


Watch how developers are helping Surfrider to remove plastic from oceans with Azure AI.


Introducing Azure Synapse Analytics—a limitless analytics service with unmatched time to insight.



Build your cloud expertise with free hands-on tutorials, quickstarts and Pluralsight courses.



Go beyond the limits of your on-premises datacenter with 58 Azure regions.

On-premises, hybrid, multicloud or at the edge—anyone
can create secure, future-ready solutions

Start building on Azure with 12 months of free services

Get more than 25 always-free services, plus a ₹13,300 credit to explore Azure for 30 days.


Contact an Azure sales specialist

Get the answers you need—from how to get started to questions about your unique scenario—by talking to an Azure sales specialist.


New to Azure? Learn new skills at your own pace

Quickly learn Azure development and admin skills with hands-on courses and role-based learning paths on Microsoft Learn.