Work Hard and Party Harder

There is nothing wrong with “Work hard and party harder” and at Cloudtechtiq we follow the same. We celebrate small things in our office premises to cheer the employees and to make them remind that each one is important for us. And in return we get all the hard work results which makes us happy and inspired.

Cloudtechtiq members believe in working hard and to implement a new era of company culture which makes everyone happy. Our team members have done many projects to minimize the risks for the companies and create a great opportunity for them to succeed which shows their hard work and efforts.

CloudTechtiq Technologies Pvt. Ltd
CloudTechtiq Technologies Pvt. Ltd
CloudTechtiq Technologies Pvt. Ltd
CloudTechtiq Technologies Pvt. Ltd
CloudTechtiq Technologies Pvt. Ltd
CloudTechtiq Technologies Pvt. Ltd
CloudTechtiq Technologies Pvt. Ltd
CloudTechtiq Technologies Pvt. Ltd
CloudTechtiq Technologies Pvt. Ltd
We listen and learn from the world around us

we believe that having a "growth mindset" culture is the key to success. We are constantly listening and learning from the world around us, which allows us to try amazing things and innovate like crazy. Our team is always looking for new ways to improve our services and stay ahead of the curve in the tech industry.

Our cultural attributes

We will only achieve our mission if we live our culture. We start with becoming learners in all things—having a growth mindset. Then we apply that mindset to learning about our customers, being diverse and inclusive, working together as one, and—ultimately—making a difference in the world.

A growth mindset is the belief that intelligence, abilities, and talents can be developed through effort, learning, and perseverance. It is the understanding that skills and knowledge are not fixed traits but can be cultivated and improved over time. Having a growth mindset is important because it fosters resilience, motivation, and a desire for continuous learning and improvement.

Being customer obsessed means placing the customer at the center of all decision-making processes and activities. It involves deeply understanding customers' needs, preferences, and pain points, and using that knowledge to deliver exceptional products, services, and experiences. A customer-obsessed approach focuses on building long-term relationships with customers and continuously striving to exceed their expectations.

Diversity and inclusion are important in the workplace because they foster innovation, creativity, and better decision-making. When individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives come together, they bring unique ideas and insights to the table. Inclusive environments also create a sense of belonging, where all employees feel valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their best work. Embracing diversity and inclusion leads to a more productive and harmonious work culture.

"One Microsoft" refers to the cultural transformation and strategic shift that Microsoft underwent to foster collaboration, alignment, and a unified approach across its various teams and divisions. It emphasizes breaking down silos and encouraging cross-functional cooperation to drive innovation, deliver seamless experiences to customers, and achieve shared goals. The "One Microsoft" philosophy promotes a cohesive and integrated organization, working together towards a common vision.

Microsoft strives to make a difference by leveraging its technology, resources, and expertise to address some of the world's most pressing challenges. Through initiatives such as AI for Good, Microsoft Philanthropies, and sustainability efforts, the company seeks to empower individuals, organizations, and communities to achieve more. Microsoft also encourages its employees to actively engage in volunteering, giving back to society, and making a positive impact through their work.

Our culture in action

Our culture leads us to find ways to help people do ordinary and sometimes extraordinary things.

Company Anniversary Celebration

Cloudtechtiq Company is celebrating its anniversary, thanks to the support of its loyal customers. The company is looking forward to the future and invites its community to explore its culture, story, and team.

Birthday Celebration

We believe in celebrating our incredible team's birthdays with full enthusiasm! From surprise office decorations to mouthwatering cakes, we make each birthday unforgettable.

Celebration Festival & Pooja

In the heart of our workplace, we honor tradition and culture. We are celebrating our annual Festival & Pooja, a time when our office transforms into a hub of spirituality and festivity.

Award Ceremony

Yearly, our company hosts inspiring award ceremonies. They celebrate the exceptional talents and contributions of our team members, fostering a culture of excellence and motivation.

Giving is part of who we are

CloudTechTiq's company culture values giving as an integral part of its mission, supporting charitable organizations, promoting technology empowerment, and minimizing environmental impact. They prioritize sustainability by adopting eco-friendly technologies and implementing efficient processes. Employee volunteerism and knowledge sharing are integral parts of their commitment to giving back, fostering a sense of fulfillment and creating a positive ripple effect within communities.


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