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Panels of Windows VPS Server India are easy to use and allow you to manage your business website on your own.


Clients receive a complimentary 24-hour technical support. We will provide guidance and support for running panels flexible.


Additionally, our support team experts will introduce you to each feature on our panel to ensure you never miss any CloudTechtiq advanced features.

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Our technical experts save your time by handling everything from their end. They perform installation of manual security patches.


24/7 Technical Support

To ensure that our customers are not faced with any further problems, our 24/7 technical support team is available to assist whenever possible. For assistance, contact our customer service team.

Windows VPS Server in India

Cloudtechtiq is ready to take on the internet with more power, confidence and speed. We are the best Windows VPS Server. The most advanced cloud technologies are used to create VPS Servers that will never stop you from growing. To ensure that you have no problems with VPS Server, our technical experts and skilled Windows administrators are available 24x7 to assist you.

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24/7/365 Ticket Support Services

Our first response comes within 10 minutes and our certified cloud server tech support team provides you the instant solutions of your issues.

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Our live chat tech support team makes sure that your managed cloud and dedicated server never face any downtime and serve the quick solutions on live chat.

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We have unlimited free call support for our clients who want our support for troubleshooting the managed cloud server errors. We are ready to serve you in the way you want.


Frequently asked questions

Windwos VPS Hosting - A virtual server that is created on one physical server. Private means your virtual server is only for you. Every other user has their own space. It is completely isolated from any other data on the physical server. Windows VPS hosting allows you to reap the benefits of dedicated servers for a fraction the price.

Yes, virtual private server is always safe. Virtualization software isolates each VPS and keeps all data and applications safe and secure within its virtual environment. Upgrade to Windows VPS Server for a higher level of security.

Yes, Windows VPS Server is very easy to use. Remote desktop services allow you to manage your windows VPS server easily. Remote desktop services allow you to install or uninstall software/data from and to your windows vps server. This allows you optimize performance, scaling and throughput. It acts as a local system, but with high performance.

CloudTechtiq offers highly secure servers. This is a unique feature that is only offered at CloudTechtiq. Our VPS Server solutions are far more secure than any other web hosting provider. This is something we are proud of and confident about. Our servers are secure and reliable.

Windows VPS Server you can install tons of prebuilt operating systems (OS), install almost any custom Linux software you like. Thanks to our huge collection of VPS OS templates, you can install and run various OS & scripts with just one simple click.

Yes, you can purchase dedicated ips at an additional cost.

CloudTechtiq specializes in managing servers and core IT infrastructure for small and medium sized organizations. We provide security, server administration and disaster prevention, which facilitates management of Intranets, Online Customer Support Solutions, Web-based and regular Email messaging solutions, and business-critical IT infrastructure. CloudTechtiq Provide the Cloud solution AWS, Azure, Office 365 etc.

Yes, you can upgrade your existing plan to a higher plan at any time with additional cost for additional configuration.

A VPS will allow for more flexibility and easier scalability as you expand your business. In addition, the low cost of using a VPS makes this option affordable for nearly any enterprise. If you are in need of a hosting service for your business, you will want to consider a virtual private server.
I am sharing the Benefits of VPS server-
  • 1. Reliability
  • 2. Complete control
  • 3. Scalability
  • 4. Security
  • 5. Cost-effective

Yes. You can install the hosting panel on the VPS server.