Acronis Backup - Secure Business Data Backup. Virtual, Physical, Cloud.

Services included on Acronics platform managed and Expertise by CloudTechtiq

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    Windows Server

    Easy-to-start, easy-to-manage, cost-effective, and complete data protection on Windows Virtual Server (VPS) and windows dedicated server. The CloudTechtiq team will help you set-up and configure the backup agent on your on-premises windows server, dedicated server hosting as well as windows VPS hosting.

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    Linux Server

    You can protect your Linux VM and Dedicated server data with Acronis cyber backup services in India. The CloudTechtiq team will help you set-up and configure the backup agent on your on-premises Linux VPS server as well as Linux dedicated server in India.

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    Office 365

    Acronis supporting business email backup services in India. We can set and manage the office 365 mailbox backup, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Team & Onedrive as well as Gsuite mailbox also. We can buy the Acronis cloud backup services as per user or disk space.

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    Sql Server

    We can manage the Microsoft SQL server backup via Acronis cyber backup product and all data would be encrypted format on Acronis cloud. Apart from the SQL server, we can set file and folder backup of other CRM applications for example: Tally, Busy, HRMS.

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    Instant Restore

    Acronis cyber backup reduces RTOs to mere seconds by starting your Windows or Linux backup directly from storage as a VMware VM, Hyper-V; no data movement is required You can manage the storage location on cloud or your local backup server.

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    Proactive Ransomware Protection

    Avoid downtime by actively protecting files from unauthorized modification and/or encryption India. Acronis Active Protection uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and white-listing to keep your data safe.

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    Blockchain Notarization

    Acronis backup technology is based on a blockchain structure to protecting the data. Ensure data integrity with our innovative blockchain-based Acronis Notary technology which prevents damage to or tampering with your files by attacks targeting archive files.

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    Hybrid Cloud Architecture

    Increase Cloud service availability by protecting your Microsoft Azure VMs, and Amazon EC2 cloud workloads in India. Cloudtechtiq manages the Migration services easily between various clouds, virtual systems, and physical machines (P2C, V2C, C2C, C2V, and C2P).

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    Cloud Disaster Recovery

    Acronis manage all kind of data backup in one form structure under the single web interface. Ensure recovery from any disaster and maintain control of data location by storing backups in one of 14+ secure and reliable Acronis Cloud Data Centers.


Acronis Web Management Console !

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AWS Server Management
INR 3000/mo

Managed Aws Cloud Provider in India

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