Managed Linux Cloud Server For Website Hosting in India

CloudTechtiq works on 3 USPs while serving India the best Linux VPS Hosting which are Simple, Fast and Reliable. You will get your own personal
VPS hosting with us which is designed with Advanced cloud-based infrastructure.

Give Your Website a New Soul With our Advanced Features

We are giving every size of online business to add more cheese on their website by getting the fastest Linux VPS Hosting in India.

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    Fully Managed Linux VPS Hosting

    Are you ready to unbox a new digital India with a high performing and fully managed Linux VPS Hosting with CloudTechtiq? So, connect with us and get what your business needs to go up in the success graph.

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    Instant Setup

    We provide the instant installation of the setup to ensure that our customers can install it within a few minutes. Which means you can use our Linux VPS Hosting Server with instant setup without taking much time to boost site speed.

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    24/7 Technical Support

    Our 24/7 technical team live support efforts resolve as many issues as much they can on time to ensure our customers never face any issues longer. Contact with our customer support team to get rid of issues.

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    Full Root Access

    We provide the owner of the site full root access of the VPS hosting which is very easy and quick in use. Even with a bit technical knowledge you can easily control your panel to do the changes in hosting as per your business demands.

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    Easy Upgrade

    CloudTechtiq gives the easy upgrade option to the control panel for the customers so they can upgrade their hosting anytime on their own. Our technical experts are also available to guide our clients everywhere.

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    Ultimate Hardware & SSD Drives

    We use the SSD hard drives which are 20 times faster than standard SATA disk drives and high performing. You will get the top-level high speed to grab the attention of the users who visit your sites.

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    SSD Disk Drives

    CloudTechtiq have made in India top notch Linux VPS hosting servers with SSD Disk Drives to manage online businesses with speed. Us add on is that we offer SSD Drives with every plan we have in our list. Choose and grow now.

Looking for VPS Hosting Solution Administartor ?

Ready to use high performing Linux VPS Hosting in India?

CloudTechtiq is now ready to serve you the best Linux VPS Hosting in India which is fulfilled with the advanced features for all sizes of businesses. We serve the SSD hard drives with all our packages to ensure that our clients get their own space for the website. Our technical administrators for Linux VPS Hosting servers are always ready to assist the clients to make sure that our control panel is easily accessible by everyone. Our Cloud infrastructures are designed to maintain high speed for private servers.


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24/7/365 Ticket Support Services

Our first response comes within 10 minutes and our certified cloud server tech support team provides you the instant solutions of your issues.


Live Chat Support 24/7/365

Our live chat tech support team makes sure that your managed cloud and dedicated server never face any downtime and serve the quick solutions on live chat.


Phone Support 24/7/365

We have unlimited free call support for our clients who want our support for troubleshooting the managed cloud server errors. We are ready to serve you in the way you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

VPS hosting provides you a complete isolated private physical server space which helps to manage your online business sites. With VPS hosting servers each client gets its own dedicated server resource which is unaffected by other users and with our full root access features our clients can install and add as many applications as they want to without facing any interruption. Each one can separately reboot their Linux VPS Hosting servers with the advantage of advanced features at an affordable price.

When Do You Need VPS Hosting? If you're a beginner just starting a WordPress blog, then there's no need to get VPS hosting. A shared hosting plan will provide all the resources you need to get started. Shared hosting plans are budget-friendly and don't require a lot of technical skill to get started with

If you’re looking for credibility and stability in your VPS hosting provider, know that we’re the world’s #1 hosting provider. That means millions of people trust their sites and applications to CloudTechtiq. We offer high-performance KVM VPS hosting with flexible configurations for every budget, including automated weekly backups with scheduling and on-demand, monitoring, alert tools and expert support.

Yes. All VPS hosting includes automated weekly snapshots so you can schedule backup time – or create a backup on demand.

Yes! We offer Linux VPS Hosting (Windows 2016) with resources staring at 2 GB RAM up to 32 GB RAM. Plus, you may add Plesk Obsidian Webhost Edition (for WordPress and website administration) to create and manage your sites.

Yes, you can increase the storage space at an additional cost after purchasing the VPS Hosting plan by following the steps mentioned.

YTo get your website transferred for free, you need to get in touch with our Support team within one month of purchase. And this migration is applicable for cPanel Servers only.

A2 Hosting's Managed VPS Hosting solutions are extremely user-friendly to use! That's because we include the same easy-to-use cPanel control panel, offererd in our Shared Hosting environment, on these VPS accounts. Easily manage your software, websites, databases, files, email and more within the intuitive cPanel graphic interface

With VPS Hosting, you get complete isolation on a physical server for your hosting. Your Virtual Private Server will be unaffected by other users and with root access you can install whatever applications you require on your server. The CPU, RAM, HDD, and Bandwidth allocated to your VPS Hosting plan will always be available for your applications. A VPS server gives you all the features of a Dedicated Server at an affordable price.

VPS Hosting is perfect if you need more resources (compared to Shared Hosting) but prefer not to spend as much (compared to Dedicated Server Hosting). When deciding what VPS Hosting plan is right for you, the following three factors should be considered: 1) the amount of resources required to host your website, which includes CPU, RAM, and bandwidth; 2) your OS choice (as some applications may require a specific OS) and 3) your choice of Server Management (User-Responsible, Basic or Complete). “User-Responsible” means you handle all technical and administrative tasks yourself, “Basic” means you receive a proactive response if unexpected server failure occurs and “Complete” means all technical and administrative tasks related to your VPS are handled for you.