How to install an SSL certificate in cPanel?

    Posted in SSL Certificates on Jul 29, 2019


    Foremost step in order to install an SSL certificate in cPanel is to generate a CSR code.

    How to generate a CSR code in cPanel

    • First, log in to your cPanel account.
    • In the Security section click on ‘SSL/TLS Manager'.


    Step 1. Generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR). Make sure you select the option ‘Generate a New 2048 bit key’.



    Enter the domain name you wish to secure. Please make sure you use a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).


    • Fill in all the remaining required fields. Once all the fields are filled, click on Generate button.


    Copy and paste it into the corresponding box during the SSL activation.

    Once SSL certificate files are received from a Certificate Authority,

    Follow the below steps in order to start certificate installation using cPanel :

    1. Log in to your cPanel account -> Security section -> “SSL/TLS Manager” menu:


    2.  Click on Manage SSL sites and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS).


     3.  Open the certificate file received from Certificate Authority using a text editor, copy the full text including the header and footer -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE-----, and paste your certificate file into the ‘Certificate: (CRT)’ box including the header and footer.
    4. Click on Autofill by Certificate to fetch the corresponding Private key which should be stored on the same server where CSR code was generated.

    Incase of manual installation of SSL certificate, import private key from the server and paste it manually into the ‘Private Key: (KEY)’ box.


     5. Press the ‘Install Certificate’ button.

    Your site is now protected by a SSL certificate and connection to your domain name is secured.

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