Cloudtechtiq Fastest Nvidia GPU Cloud Server in India

You demanded, we fulfilled. CloudTechtiq enterprise infrastructure, services, and platforms add value to your business. Explore amazing experiences of flexibility & power of Managed GPU Cloud with us. The addition of the GPU Cloud Server brings many advantages for the organizations and will get industry-leading storage. Our sophisticated and well-designed architecture of GPUs manages workload

$256.50 /Month


  • 16 GB GPU Memory
  • 12 VCPU processor
  • 50 GB Ram
  • 900 GB SSD
  • 1 Ip Address
$688.50 /Month

RTX 8000

  • 48 GB GPU Memory
  • 16 VCPU processor
  • 120 GB Ram
  • 900 GB SSD
  • 1 Ip Address
$945.00 /Month


  • 40 GB GPU Memory
  • 16 VCPU processor
  • 115 GB Ram
  • 1500 GB SSD
  • 1 Ip Address
$1,890.00 /Month


  • 80 GB GPU Memory
  • 32 VCPU processor
  • 230 GB Ram
  • 3000 GB SSD
  • 1 Ip Address
$540.00 /Month


  • 32 GB GPU Memory
  • 12 VCPU processor
  • 110 GB Ram
  • 900 GB SSD
  • 1 Ip Address

Nvidia GPU cloud Server Advanced Attributes

Are you looking for the fastest and secure Nvidia GPU cloud server? We are offering you here with advanced features that make us the best provider of the GPU on the Cloud. We maintain the best customer support system along with a high-performing GPU cloud server in India which reflects us as the most trustable company. We maximize the productivity in our GPU on the cloud for every client.

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    Nvidia Ampere Architecture

    A100’s versatility means IT managers can maximize the utility of every GPU in their data center around the clock.

  • cloudtechtiq

    Third-Generation Tensor Cores

    That’s 20X Tensor FLOPS for deep learning training and 20X Tensor TOPS for deep learning inference compared to NVIDIA Volta GPUs.

  • cloudtechtiq

    Next-Generation Nvlink

    NVLink is available in A100 SXM GPUs via HGX A100 server boards and in PCIe GPUs via an NVLink Bridge for up to 2 GPUs.

  • cloudtechtiq

    Multi-Instance Gpu (Mig)

    MIG gives developers access to breakthrough acceleration for all their applications.

  • cloudtechtiq


    A100 delivers 1.7X higher memory bandwidth over the previous generation.

  • cloudtechtiq

    Structural Sparsity

    While the sparsity feature more readily benefits AI inference, it can also improve the performance of model training.

  • cloudtechtiq

    High Memory Series

    The 2nd generation Memory Intensive computing node plans are designed to offer double the amount of vCPUs and more than triple the amount of RAM at the same price compared to the first generation

Supported applications by our Ecommerce hosting



Our NVIDIA T4 GPU cloud server has accelerated the workloads. We have designed our GPU servers for today’s modern data centers. It supercharges the mainstream servers and accelerates the data centers with world-class leading servers


To face the world’s toughest computing challenges NVIDIA A100 GPU is designed. They are able to scale thousands of GPUs with NVIDIA Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) technology, which is divided into seven GPU interfaces to stimulate workloads of all sizes.

 RTX 800 GPU

RTX 800 GPU has unprecedented performance and scalability which is used for the industries which are used to expand the boundaries of what’s possible. The RTX 800 GPU on the cloud has a 48 GB GPU memory with 120 GB RAM. Experience the amazing third-generation technology with us.

cloudtechtiq Windows Cloud Server
INR 2000/mo

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