How to configure Outlook for any Email Server

    Posted in Microsoft Office 365 on Jul 03, 2019

    Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal, and web browsing.

    We can use Outlook for any email provider such as Office 365, Gmail, Outlook, yahoo, rediff mail, or any webmail services smarter mail, server email services etc.

    In order to add your email account to Outlook you'll need several pieces of information including the type of account, the incoming and outgoing server names, and t...

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    Features and benefit for Microsoft Office 365

    Posted in Microsoft Office 365 on Jun 26, 2019

    14 reasons to use Microsoft Office 365

    After you make a website, the next step is usually to get a professional business email address. Unlike your, email, or, a professional business email address is branded with your company name: In Order we introducing best email solution that is Office 365. Now we are sharing the capabilities of the Office 365.


    1. Use the tools you already know and use

    Office 365 works seamlessly with the programs you already know and use – including Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, Publisher an...

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