How To Reset The Windows Server Administrator Password Using The Command Prompt

    Posted in Windows Servers on Jul 13, 2019

    I have one Windows server 2012 R2 and have set a password for the local administrator Because I forget the administrator password so I am not able to login on server now.

    I will let you know how to reset the windows cloud server password without reformat the server. For process further we just require the .iso of windows server 2012 r2. Now you have to mapped your server with iso and boot the server with windows server 2012 r2 iso. Now I am just booting my machine and installing the new Operating system

    Just click the next button on the OS installer

    Below you can see the option to Repair yo...

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    How to Repair the Boot Files in Windows Server 2012 R2 or 2012 R2 if the Server Won't Boot

    Posted in Windows Servers on May 10, 2019

    1. Boot to the Windows Server DVD.

    2. Open the command prompt.

      Server 2012 R2 & 2016 R2:

      If no driver is needed, press Shift-F10 to open the command prompt.

      Continue with step 3.

      Server 2008 (or 2008 R2 if a driver is required)

      Click Next at the first screen.

      lick Repair your computer.

      If no driver is needed, click Next and proceed to step vii below.

      If a driver is needed, click Load Drivers.

      Insert the media containing the needed driver.

      Note: The media can be a CD, DVD, or USB storage device

      Navigate to the folder containing the driver, select it, and click Open.

      Click Command Prompt.

    3. The co...

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    managed windows Cloud server

    Posted in Windows Servers on Feb 17, 2019

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    How to Create a maintenance backup plan in SQL Server 2016 R2

    Posted in Windows Servers on Jan 05, 2019

    When you create a maintenance backup plan in SQL Server 2016 R2, you must identify how you want the plan to be set up. In this example, the maintenance plan is set up with full backups, differentials, and transactions logs.

    Check SQL Server Agent service

    Verify that the SQL Server Agent service is running and set to automatic. The maintenance plan depends on this service to run.

    1. On the server, open the Run dialog box, type in services.msc and press Enter.
    2. Find the SQL Server Agent service in the list and double-click it.
    3. Click the Recovery tab and set the failure value to Restart the Service....
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    Christmas Offers on Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers

    Posted in Windows Servers on Dec 23, 2018

    Christmas Offers on Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers get 10 % discount.

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    How to install the Hyper-V role in Windows Server

    Posted in Windows Servers on Nov 23, 2018

    Before you build a virtualized environment you will need to install and configure the Hyper-V role on your Windows 2012 or Windows 2012 R2 server with the help of Server Manager.

    Follow these steps:-

    Step 1. Open Server Manager

    Server dashboard 1.png

    Step 2. Add roles and Fetaures

    There are 2 ways to add roles and features on Server Manger.

    Clicking on Add roles and features on the Dashboard.

    Selecting Add Roles and Features in the Manage drop down menu.

    On the Before you begin, click ## Next.

    Server roal install 2.jpg

    Step 3. Select installation type, and click ## Next

    Server roal install 3.png

    Step 4. Select Destination Server, and click ## Next

    Server roal install 4.png

    On the Sele...

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    How to install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on IIS web server

    Posted in Windows Servers on Jun 13, 2018

    Let’s Encrypt is a free to use tool that allows creation, management and auto renewal of SSL certificates for web applications, services or any other apps where secure data transportation is needed.

    However, there are few things that should be kept in mind when you are considering using Let’s Encrypt certificates as compared to any other traditional SSL Certificate through a Certificate Authority (CA) like GlobalSign.

    • The certificate has a validity of 90 days only at a time and it may be even less in future.
    • No easy installation wizard is available for it.
    • Let’s Encrypt needs a certificate ma...
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