configure spam expert in cPanel/WHM IP-based Authentication

    Posted in Whm/Cpanel on Nov 04, 2018

    Navigate to "Exim Configuration Editor" in WHM.

    Choose "Advanced Editor". Add the following in "Section: POSTMAILCOUNT" (chaning SMARTHOST to your SMTP hostname)

    driver = manualroute
    domains = !+local_domains
    require_files = "+/var/cpanel/domain_keys/private/${sender_address_domain}"
    # Exclude null sender messages from relaying via the smarthost
    condition = ${if or {{!eq{$sender_address}{}} {!eq{$sender_host_address}{}}}} 
    transport = remote_smtp_smart_dkim
    route_list = $domain SMARTHOST::587
    driver = manualroute
    domains = !+local_domains
    # Exclude null se...
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    How to Manage Cphulk From Command line

    Posted in Whm/Cpanel on Aug 01, 2018

    Manage Cphulk From Command line

    Use the following methods to manage cPHulk on your server:-

    Debug mode

    To enable debug mode for cPHulk, run the following command:-

    touch /var/cpanel/hulkd/debug

    Check cPHulk's status

    You can check cphulk's status from command

    "ps aux | grep -i".

    this will return a result like :-

    1 root 1501 0.0 0.4 34816 5076 ? S 07:58 0:00 cPhulkd - processor

    Restart the cPHulk daemon (cphulkd)

    To restart the cphulkd daemon, perform either of the following actions:

    Perform a soft restart. To do this, run the following command:


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    How to Create mySQL database in cPanel

    Posted in Whm/Cpanel on Jul 27, 2018

    Create database

    Login to cPanel for the Domain you want to add database Under the Databases submenu click "MySql Databases" under Create New Database

    Database name

    Click "**Create Database"**
    Click **"Go Back"**
    **Create user**:-

    Under Add New User

    **Click "Create User"**     
    **Click "Go Back"**   

    Add User to database:-

    Under Add User to Database
    Click "**Add**"     
    Choose **Privileges**       
    Click "**Make Changes**"
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    How to Install Magento 2 in cPanel

    Posted in Magento Hosting, Whm/Cpanel on Jul 23, 2018

    To easily install Magento 2, you can use the Softaculous auto-installer available from your cPanel. It will automate the steps needed for the installation into one configuration page and 30 seconds of waiting for the install.

    STEP 1 Locate Softaculous in cPanel

    To access your Softaculous auto-installer simply login in your cPanel navigate to the Software/Services section and click on the Softaculous Apps Installer icon.


    Now you will need to use the Search bar to look for Magento and click on it.


    STEP 2 Configure the Installation

    Here you will see different tabs containing overview of the fea...

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    How to change root password for WHM

    Posted in Whm/Cpanel on Jun 18, 2018

    There is 2 easy steps to change root password for WHM

    Once you’ve logged into WHM with the current root password, select Change Root Password from the list on the left, under Server Configuration. (Home >> Server Configurations >> Change Root Password)

    Once you’ve selected a new root password (you can use any combination of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters to increase the password strength), enter the new password twice, then click the Change Password button.

    That’s all there is to it; you now can close out of WHM and log back in with the new password.

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    How to add package/create new hosting account/create email ID from whm reseller account ?

    Posted in Whm/Cpanel on Jun 13, 2018

    Kindly follow the steps to add package/create new hosting account/create email ID.

    1. Login in WHM

    2. In left side there is search option please type package

    3. Click on add package and add package according your requirement

    4. again in search options please type create

    5. click on create new account and. fill the domain information and select package for the domain

    6. please save information of newly created account (username & password)

    7. For the cpanel access please use following URL

    8. After login in newly created account in search option type email account an...

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    How do I change maximum email size in cPanel

    Posted in Whm/Cpanel on Jun 07, 2018

    There is no max file size limit that can be sent and received, however, cPanel defaults the limit to 50mb. You can change this in cPanel.

    To change this do the following

    Login to cPanel as admin
    Under Service Configuration, Click "exim Configuration Manager"
    Click "Advanced Editor"
    Scroll down and Click "Add additional Configuration Setting"
    find "message_size_limit" in pull-down list and choose
    Enter limit that you want to change to
    Scroll to bottom and click "save"

    Also, be aware that some ISP's may block messages over 10-15mb

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    How to Manually Install Joomla Using cPanel

    Posted in Joomla Hosting, Whm/Cpanel on May 30, 2018

    One of our students was having trouble installing Joomla in cPanel, so we created this tutorial for him.

    This tutorial will cover setting up the database, the files, and the configuration of the Joomla install.


    Step #1. Log into cPanel

    • Go to
    • Log in with the username and password. Hosting companies usually send an email with this info when you first sign up with them.


    Step #2. Set up the database


    • Click on the "MySQL Databases" icon
    • Create a new database:


    • Scroll down and create a new database user. Use the password generator for a good secure password. Save this pa...
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    How host a domain with spf and dkim on license expired whm/cpanel server from shell ?

    Posted in Whm/Cpanel on May 24, 2018

    We will see how we can host a domain on a whm/cpanel server if server license is expired. some time we need to host a domain on server with immediately and then we find out that server license is already expired then there are to ways so we can host a domain on server first we activate the license and then do it from whm panel and second way is we just access server via ssh and do it as soon as possible.

    Today I will show you the second way that how we can host a domain on server with spf and dkim.

    first of all ssh server with root details

    ssh root@serverip

    enter password and press ...[Read more...]

    How to configure backup in WHM

    Posted in Whm/Cpanel on May 23, 2018

    Hello Guys,

    From this Article You can breifly learn How To Enable Server Backups in WHM/cPanel:-

    Step1:- Configure Global Settings:-

    A:- Log in to WHM using your server’s root credentials, and select Backup Configuration under the Backup section in WHM’s main menu. You can begin typing “backup” into the search menu to narrow the list of menu options.

    B:- Now choose the type of backups you want cPanel to create:-

    1:- Compressed backups use the least amount of disk space, potentially giving you more restore points than could get with the other methods. Compressed backups take longer to complete ...

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