How to install an SSL certificate on SonicWALL?

    Posted in SSL Certificates on Aug 07, 2019


    In order to install an SSL certificate on SonicWALL, perform the below steps -

    • Download issued SSL certificate >> Extract and rename to server.crt


    1. Create a .zip file with two files. Take the .crt downloaded from the Account Panel and also, use server.key generated during CSR creation on your SSL-VPN appliance.
    2. Log into the SonicWALL SSL-VPN appliance portal.
    3. After that, expand the System menu >> click Certificates.
    4. Install CA certificates in order to make your website compatible in browsers.
    5. On the System > Certificates page, in the Additional CA Certificates section > click Import CA Certificate.


    Upload the file downloaded from the Account Panel with the .ca-bundle extension:


    1. In the Server Certificates section > Import Certificate.


    1. In the opened Import Certificate window -

    Click Browse > Locate and open the .zip file > Upload.


    1. Configure your SSL certificate.
    • System > Certificates page > Server Certificates > Configure.
    • Specify the password created during the CSR code generation.
    • Click the Submit button.
    • Implement the changes -

      1. In the System > Certificates section, select the corresponding certificate.
      2. Click Apply.
      3. Restart your SonicWALL SSL-VPN appliance.

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